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Should your Small Business be on Instagram?

Social media has become a part of our society, making it an essential marketing tool with lots of platforms to choose from. How do you choose which platform is right for you? You may already be using Facebook, but should you use their other platform, Instagram? Will you miss out on key customers?

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Want Collaboration? Deal With, Get Over or Lose the Fear!

I’m headed to our nation’s capital in a few days for a summit on fostering collaborative relationships within government entities that serve small business – how did I get into this?  Inducing collaborative relationships is not rocket science – seriously.  Here are some things I have learned about building relationships in today’s business environment.

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The “Aha” Moment

My experience working with small business owners has been like the founding of a new religion.  I’m amazed, inspired and on-fire to get things done.  These men and women take leaps of faith that would make the weak quake.  They move forward because moving backward or standing still is not an option.  One step, then another, then another – never looking back, never taking time to pat themselves on the back and definitely never thinking the job is ever done.

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