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How Key Industry Influencers can help your small business

You know there are big, important players in your industry whose opinion carries a lot of weight. When it comes to recommendations or making connections, everyone knows finding these people on social media can be a major game changer for your business.

Did you know there are other ways influencers can help your business grow? They provide a lot of information through the channels they use that could be extremely valuable in keeping your business relevant to your audience.

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Non-Profit Doesn’t Mean Non-Revenue

Non-profit doesn’t mean Non-Revenue.  Non-profit and for-profit entities both have to drive revenue to sustain their organization – period.  I met an aspiring entrepreneur last week with an idea to start a non-profit for low-income students to learn art.  This was a highly educated and motivated person with a heart for this community; noble.  So what’s the problem with the idea?

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