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How Key Industry Influencers can help your small business

You know there are big, important players in your industry whose opinion carries a lot of weight. When it comes to recommendations or making connections, everyone knows finding these people on social media can be a major game changer for your business.

Did you know there are other ways influencers can help your business grow? They provide a lot of information through the channels they use that could be extremely valuable in keeping your business relevant to your audience.

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Scalability: Revisiting the Basics

Small business owners be vigilant in your pursuit of a scalable organization.  Ted Wright, CEO at Fizz, @fizz_womm, discussed the idea of scalability in his recent presentation in Colorado Springs.  Scalability is the organizational capacity to take on more work while maintaining or improving the profit margin.  There are two common ways to improve scalability; increased employee productivity and increased business from current customers.  Interestingly, small businesses EXPECT continuous improvement in these areas yet don’t really do much to ensure they get results (assuming revenue per employee and revenue per customer are key performance indicators on the management dashboard).

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