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Your Business is Dying Because You Are A Crocodile

american-crocodile_219_600x450Afraid of risk, afraid of new ideas, afraid of losing your income – these are the internal fear drivers that keep business from growing. It’s crazy to think that you are your own worst enemy. “But we have always done it this way” has been the cause of thousands of business model failures in both small and large companies. Why are business owners so afraid? As Oren Klaff told us in Pitch Anything, we process things in our old crocodile brains. Which means that we stick with what we know because we are thinking in our “crocodile” brain. “What we know” is killing our business yet we are too afraid to change it.  Highly educated people will continue to lead their business down the wrong path because they don’t want to take risks. Vicious cycle. So how do you break it?

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Risk is the Name of the Game

risky20signMerriam-Webster defines risk as “someone or something that creates or suggests a hazard”. For small business owners, Risk is the Name of the Game. Every decision revolves around risk.  It’s exciting and not for the faint of heart.  Small business owners need to make “risk” decisions daily.  How much risk are they willing to accept to achieve their goals?  Continue reading

Deceptive Sales Practices Will Not Work

Several weeks ago, I received a letter from a young man, Sam, who was set to leave the military. He introduced himself and asked if I could meet with him. His goal was to learn more about potentially starting his own business and get connected in the community. I scheduled the appointment thinking I could talk to him about the pros and cons of starting your own small business.

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Marketing Consulting vs. Selling: Does Your Bottom Line Take Priority?

Many companies are rushing to provide digital marketing services.  Business owners must be smarter than ever when looking for marketing help.  They must never lose focus of their goal of improving profitability when contracting with one of these companies.  Continue reading

Employees Have a Direct Impact on Profit

Increasing profitability is usually the top priority for a small business.  When identifying revenue barriers, a good place to start is measuring the strength of your talent pool.  This area is often ignored especially by business owners who employ family and friends.  Corporate companies track revenue per employee and use industry benchmarks to build healthy organizations.  Small businesses do not.  This simple ratio (gross revenue divided by number of employees) can quickly identify a revenue opportunity.

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Non-Profit Doesn’t Mean Non-Revenue

Non-profit doesn’t mean Non-Revenue.  Non-profit and for-profit entities both have to drive revenue to sustain their organization – period.  I met an aspiring entrepreneur last week with an idea to start a non-profit for low-income students to learn art.  This was a highly educated and motivated person with a heart for this community; noble.  So what’s the problem with the idea?

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Want Collaboration? Deal With, Get Over or Lose the Fear!

I’m headed to our nation’s capital in a few days for a summit on fostering collaborative relationships within government entities that serve small business – how did I get into this?  Inducing collaborative relationships is not rocket science – seriously.  Here are some things I have learned about building relationships in today’s business environment.

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