Should your Small Business be on Instagram?

Social media has become a part of our society, making it an essential marketing tool with lots of platforms to choose from. How do you choose which platform is right for you? You may already be using Facebook, but should you use their other platform, Instagram? Will you miss out on key customers?

Is your Target Audience on Instagram?

First, using Instagram is useless if your audience isn’t using it. It’s important to do some research before allocating precious business resources towards marketing with it. Below you can find key demographic information on who uses Instagram.



Not everyone who uses Facebook will likely use Instagram, even though Facebook owns both platforms. If your audience is on this platform and falls within the demographic that flocks to Instagram daily, you should consider including this platform in your marketing strategy.

Tips on Marketing your Small Business on Instagram

This platform uses pictures to communicate and share with followers. It is very different from Facebook in that you don’t need a lengthy status update and can use images instead, but it is different from Twitter because there is a higher character limit that allows you to use text with your picture.

Social Media Examiner has some really useful tips if you are looking for more ideas.

  1. Pictures speak volumes – taking pictures of your company, from holiday parties to showcasing your awesome culture are great ideas to give customers a taste of who you are as a small business. This makes people more likely to buy from you if they can get to know you better and see behind the scenes.
  2. Showcase your new product lines and specials – If you launch a new product or have a weekly discount, make an image to communicate that. This can be a digital flyer that includes a link to the page on your website with more info.
  3. Be real – Your website is a great place to maintain a corporate and professional image, but Instagram is where you can get creative and be spontaneous. Your customers want to see your informal side and make that connection so they can start to trust you.

Every social platform has a specific purpose and helps you showcase a different facet of your small business. Instagram can help you show your customers who you are through pictures and image and you can even use consumer-generated content as part of your feed. Users love to be recognized by the brands they use and it makes your job easier by saving you time.


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