How Key Industry Influencers can help your small business

You know there are big, important players in your industry whose opinion carries a lot of weight. When it comes to recommendations or making connections, everyone knows finding these people on social media can be a major game changer for your business.

Did you know there are other ways influencers can help your business grow? They provide a lot of information through the channels they use that could be extremely valuable in keeping your business relevant to your audience.

Find Content Before it goes Mainstream

A lot of influencers achieve top status because they are ahead of the curve when it comes to new ideas and trends. This means they don’t wait to jump on a trend after it gained momentum or even as it was gaining momentum. They jump on it because they see potential and end up contributing to making it a trend.

If you follow these people, you are likely to stay ahead of the curve as well and learn skills and information that keep you relevant to your audience.

Influencers come in all shapes and sizes

When people think of the key influencers in their industry, they usually find the corporate example of the biggest company they can think of that is located in a place like New York City. While this can be helpful to know, those aren’t the only people available.

Each area has it’s own level of influencers, from your town and also your state or area of the country. These people are often easier to relate to because they might just be a few steps ahead of you instead of leaps and bounds. This means the content they release could be more relevant to your size in terms of getting to the next step with your business.

The big players are helpful for see what the latest skills and information is in the broadest sense, but their information could be targeted at a much broader audience rather than the niche you are going after.


It’s important to find influencers at every stage in the game because everyone releases different information, and it can all be potentially beneficial to you. Smaller influencers that reign over a town or a region provide information that helps you to get to the next level, while big players help you visualize an end result and see macro trends.


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