Your Business is Dying Because You Are A Crocodile

american-crocodile_219_600x450Afraid of risk, afraid of new ideas, afraid of losing your income – these are the internal fear drivers that keep business from growing. It’s crazy to think that you are your own worst enemy. “But we have always done it this way” has been the cause of thousands of business model failures in both small and large companies. Why are business owners so afraid? As Oren Klaff told us in Pitch Anything, we process things in our old crocodile brains. Which means that we stick with what we know because we are thinking in our “crocodile” brain. “What we know” is killing our business yet we are too afraid to change it.  Highly educated people will continue to lead their business down the wrong path because they don’t want to take risks. Vicious cycle. So how do you break it?

YOU KICK IT WIDE OPEN! Literally doing what might seem counter-intuitive just might be the answer. In his recent book, YOUtility, Jay Baer, tells us that today’s marketplace wants information, not sales ploys. I worked with a client recently who opposed writing a blog or recording a video about “what they know”. They replied, “Why would they want to pay me if I give away all of my expertise?” This is crocodile thinking and where the mistake happens.

Providing information is not giving away expertise. Your company has differentiators that will rise to the top when you educate your market. Larger organizations know this concept and use it well. The inbound marketing giant, HubSpot, uses this concept well to generate thousands of inbound leads. HubSpot publishes white papers and training so marketers can learn and “do-it” themselves. The end result however is that “students” come to rely on the “teacher” and are eager to reach into their pockets to continue the relationship.

Simple concept. It’s the exact opposite to the decades of “selling” and calling it marketing. (I’ll pause here while your head explodes). What are your company’s differentiators? WHY do you do what you do? Change your crocodile thinking, get aligned with your true vision and clients will come to you.

Buena Suerte,



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