Deal With The Tough Issues 1st

Many managers avoid dealing with tough business issues because they don’t want to endure the period between starting to implement the solution and getting the results. Of course, procrastinating only makes it worse. Avoiding to deal with a problem employee/client because you don’t deal with confrontation well is only negatively affecting your bottom line. I’ve seen coaches, business owners and parents avoid dealing with serious issues because confrontation makes them uncomfortable.

Family dealing with medical issues are an example of classic avoidance. Many times family members are afraid to confront medical personnel about the care of the loved one. Why are people afraid? Because we want people to like us. However that is not the mind-set that will move us forward – in anything. Daymond John of Shark Tank states, “Everything we want exists outside of our comfort zone.”

Stepping out of your comfort zone will produce different results than what you have been getting. If your company needs transformational change then why are you holding back from stepping outside your comfort zone? You already know better things await yet you are paralyzed to make a change.

Some tips to help you address uncomfortable situations:

  • Keep in mind why you need to address the issue: Improve morale. Improve profitability.
  • Remember that just beyond this situation lies your goal. There is no other path than though this issue.
  • Run through a few possible outcome scenarios prior to addressing the issue.
  • Focus on the goal and courage will come.
  • Be ok with not being liked. Change is not easy and most people will resist it. Remember that stepping outside of your comfort zone expands the borders of your current one

Now resolve to tackle your most difficult issue.

Buena Suerte.



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