Monthly Archives: February 2012

Want Collaboration? Deal With, Get Over or Lose the Fear!

I’m headed to our nation’s capital in a few days for a summit on fostering collaborative relationships within government entities that serve small business – how did I get into this?  Inducing collaborative relationships is not rocket science – seriously.  Here are some things I have learned about building relationships in today’s business environment.

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What to Know About Start Up Pricing

One of the most pressing issues for a small business owner is pricing. A weak and uninformed decision in this area can result in lasting damage to a company.  Over pricing a product/service can depress the response.  Under-pricing will make it harder for to sell the product/service at a higher price later.  There is a simple strategy here – knowledge.  The key is knowledge: market knowledge, product/service knowledge and personal knowledge.

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Scalability: Revisiting the Basics

Small business owners be vigilant in your pursuit of a scalable organization.  Ted Wright, CEO at Fizz, @fizz_womm, discussed the idea of scalability in his recent presentation in Colorado Springs.  Scalability is the organizational capacity to take on more work while maintaining or improving the profit margin.  There are two common ways to improve scalability; increased employee productivity and increased business from current customers.  Interestingly, small businesses EXPECT continuous improvement in these areas yet don’t really do much to ensure they get results (assuming revenue per employee and revenue per customer are key performance indicators on the management dashboard).

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