The “Aha” Moment

My experience working with small business owners has been like the founding of a new religion.  I’m amazed, inspired and on-fire to get things done.  These men and women take leaps of faith that would make the weak quake.  They move forward because moving backward or standing still is not an option.  One step, then another, then another – never looking back, never taking time to pat themselves on the back and definitely never thinking the job is ever done.

As a life-long student of marketing, I have always had an insatiable desire to learn who is doing what and how.  I love smart marketing campaigns that connect and touch people.  The great ones meet people right where they are.   That is why I love social media. Somewhere past the millions of apps and widgets there are people connecting with people.

My “AHA” moment into the world of social media came when I heard the term, Socially Connected.  We are all socially connected to the world around us.  Online tools gave us the ability to expand that world.  For businesses, social media tools directly connect customers to them on a level few had been able to reach before.  The few of course were small business owners.  They have long known that personal 1-1 relationships are the key to success.  They have known how to find, nurture and grow their client base one customer at a time.

I’m surprised to find some small business owners are intimidated by social media.  I explain the business practices they have already been employing will translate online.  If they are an ethical, trustworthy business owner whose 1st intent is to get to know their customer – then social media makes perfect sense.  Many think they are taking a step off a ledge and into the abyss when really they are just stepping off a sidewalk onto a street.  Simply put – by just tapping the entrepreneurial spirit that got them started helps small business owners see the benefits of an online strategy.

Socially Connected.  AHA.


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