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The “Aha” Moment

My experience working with small business owners has been like the founding of a new religion.  I’m amazed, inspired and on-fire to get things done.  These men and women take leaps of faith that would make the weak quake.  They move forward because moving backward or standing still is not an option.  One step, then another, then another – never looking back, never taking time to pat themselves on the back and definitely never thinking the job is ever done.

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CArc Media is looking to connect …

So what does a former newspaper marketing executive know about helping small business owners navigate the world of social media?  In order to answer that you first have to understand what I’ve REALLY been doing for the past 10 years – marketing a print product through a declining demand cycle.

I view my time in newspapers with much love and respect.  Do not be fooled by its reported demise, there are some impressive executives in the newspaper industry. The constant and sometimes rapid change is exciting if you are resourceful, smart, motivated and can handle any challenge.  I’m convinced newspapers prepared me to handle risk, develop resilience, focus on collaborative partnerships and always find a success path.

Most importantly, it taught me how to connect with people.  THAT is my passion – connecting with people at all levels, in every stage of business, in two languages.  Looking at it from that perspective, you can see why I quickly gravitated to social media.

In the past 9 months, I’ve been working with new entrepreneurs and small business owners.  I am inspired every day by the true grit shown by these people.  I have no doubt the U.S. economy will rebound because these small business owners are not giving up.  They are creating jobs, generating revenue and stimulating the economy.

In reviewing and building small business marketing plans, it has become clear that small business owners do not spend much time on their social media marketing strategy.  Yes, they know of the benefits but “who has time” when they are the President, CFO, CMO, COO and HR director at their own company.  Adding SME to the list just doesn’t take priority.

That is where CArc Enterprises can assist.  By connecting with small business owners, we can coach them into the realm of social media in both English and Spanish.  Connecting with people and helping them connect with others is what we do best – social media platforms are the chosen tools .

CArc is looking for a handful of beta clients in 2012.  We expect to do a lot of work for a little bit of money in order to prove that our business model works.  Let me know if you want to learn, have some fun and be one of our select few small business clients.